We believe that actions taken in the field of HR policy should be aimed at supporting the achievement of business goals and constantly improving the efficiency of Employees and processes.

We will examine for you the current situation in the field of recruitment in your work environment and the strength of your organization in competing on the labour market. We will recommend actions that will allow you to achieve effectiveness.



The audit of the recruitment process will provide answers to the questions of how to recruit the right candidates more effectively and involve current employees in the process, as well as better communication with both parties. We will examine the functions of your recruitment process and practices, organizational habits and beliefs demonstrated by the people involved in the process.

The study includes: functional analysis of the process / procedures, analysis of the effectiveness of practices regarding building recruitment strategies and recruitment marketing, analysis of key elements of Employer Branding affecting the effectiveness of recruitment, sectoral characteristics of the labour market, survey of opinions of process users (managers, recruitment teams in HR departments) as well as newly recruited people.

We will develop recommendations that will eliminate bottlenecks, shorten and increase the efficiency of the recruitment process. We will advise you on how to support the implementation of business strategies in companies through the effectiveness of recruitment.



The audit of the personnel function is an assessment of the effectiveness of HRM processes and work of the HR department in the context of delivering the desired effects to the organization. We will check how the functioning of the HR in the organization can be improved, so that the HR team is a business partner for managers and companies management boards. In the project, we examine to what extent HR processes, systems, functions and practices meet the company’s expectations in terms of effective management of the organization’s human potential. We also work out recommendations how to improve HR processes so that they are adequate to the organization’s business strategies and support their implementation.

Scope of the audit:

  • we will give HR specialists data and tools to build the strategic role of HR in the organization,
  • we will analyse the functions, tools and HR practices that support the entire process of the employee’s functioning in the company, from recruitment to leaving the job,
  • we will verify the effectiveness of the tools used, i.e. recruitment, remuneration, training, motivating, employee evaluation, succession and talent management systems,
  • together with the HE team, we will conduct a qualitative and quantitative analysis of human resources in terms of supporting the implementation of the company’s business strategy,
  • we will support the HR team in implementing audit recommendations and improvements.



A motivated and committed team of employees is a key condition for the implementation of any business strategy and operational efficiency. It is people with their competences, talents, experience, creativity, openness to change, loyalty and student speed that build the company’s competitive advantage. Whether employees will engage their potential in achieving the goals set in the organization depends on their motivation and the quality of motivating them.

HR can effectively support direct supervisors in maintaining employee engagement through its tools and systems and improving the quality of leadership in the organization.

We help HR teams realize this role in the organization by designing and implementing employee opinions, engagement and satisfaction surveys.

We examine:

  • Employee feedback
  • Job satisfaction
  • Employees engagement
  • The quality of relations and their impact on employee engagement (including the quality of cooperation with the supervisor and in the team and communication in the company),
  • Symptoms of burnout: teams and organizations,
  • The impact of material and non-material motivators,
  • Competencies (including the ability to develop competencies by employees and current working conditions
  • Attitudes and beliefs of employees,
  • Impact of Employee Experience on Candidate Experience and the company’s image on the labour market,
  • Quality of communication and cooperation in multi-generational and multicultural teams. We support HR teams in communicating the results and recommendations from the survey to management boards and managers.

We advise how to implement the necessary changes and improvements to practices affecting employees engagement